Agita 10WG


Insecticide (water-soluble granules) which contains 10% Thiamethoxam.

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Insecticide (water-soluble granules) which contains 10% Thiamethoxam. Disclaimer This information summarizes the current status of our knowledge and may differ from the legally binding, country specific use instructions provided with the product. Novartis Animal Health Inc. is not liable for damages or injury caused by the use of its products different from those specified on the pack label.

Product Type
Paint-on product for the control of nuisance flies in animal housing.

Description and Composition
AGITA 10 WG is a water-soluble granule containing 100 g of thiamethoxam and 0.5 g of tricosene per kg. Properties Thiamethoxam, the active ingredient of AGITA, is a broad spectrum insecticide belonging to the group of neonicotinoids. The target sites are the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors within the nervous system of the insect. Tricosene is a fly pheromone and acts as a sexual attractant. Thiamethoxam is devoid of cross-resistance to other insecticides like organophosphates and pyrethroids.

AGITA 10 WG contains sugar. It thus attracts the flies and is taken up orally. The presence of tricosene increases significantly the attractiveness of the product.

AGITA is used as a paint-on for the control of flies in and around animal housing and farm buildings. The major target species is the house fly Musca domestica .

Dosage and Administration

AGITA 10 WG is applied as follows :

250 g AGITA in 160 ml of water for 100m2 ground surface or 200-300m2 wall/ceiling surface

Paint a minimum of 30 spots (about 10x30cm each) where flies congregate or settle, e.g. warm wall areas, pen partitions, posts, window frames, etc.. out of reach of children and animals

Special Precautions and Warnings
Do not ingest. Do not breathe spray mist. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

After application, wash hands and exposed skin with soap and water. Harmful to fish and bees.

AGITA inhibits the acetylcholinesterase receptors. In case of poisoning, apply symptomatic therapy.

Formulations and Packages
AGITA 10 WG is available in 400 g packs.

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