Eξωπαρασιτοκτόνο που περιέχει 2% (w/v) Cypermethrin high cis.

Φιάλη 500ml

Premier Shukuroglou


Ectoparasiticide which contains 2% (w/v) Cypermethrin high cis.

Composition in active substances :
Cypermethrin 20 g / L

For the control of ectoparasites {lice , keds, ticks and flies, including Melophagus ovinous} of the sheep, goats and cattle. It is also effective against the ectoparasites that are resistant to organophosphates , carbamidic acid and other ectoparasiticides. In case of cross resistance with DDT an increased dose of the pyrethroid is required .

Contraindications :

Side effects:
None known .

Target species:
Sheep, Goats, Cattle

Sheep and goats :
1 ml ECTOPOR per 5 kg b.w. , approximately the amount of one graduation mark of the vial , for the adult animals. For the young animals you should administer the half dose, the amount of one graduation mark for every 2 animals of 5 kg each or for 10 kg total body weight.

Cattle: 10 ml ECTOPOR for animals up to 100 kg .
20 ml ECTOPOR for animals from 100 – 300 kg .
30 ml ECTOPOR fro animals more than 300 kg .


Mode of Application

      -The content of the vial is sufficient for approximately 65 sheep or goats or for 12 cattle.
      -It contains blue dye for the marking of the treated animals. The graduation marks on the side of the vial show the dosage of eth product.
      -Squirt the vial slightly , along the backline of the animal from the top of the head to the tail.For the flies and lice apply the recommended dose along the backline of the animal.For the ticks distribute the recommended dose on clusters or tick predilection sites, such as crutch, groin, axillae, base of udder or ears.For combined control , use both application methods.
      -All the animals of the flock should be treated simultaneously.
      -For small animals use the half of the recommended dose.

Treatment intervals :

      -Usually 3 – 6 weeks depended on the parasite species and the infestation levels.
      -Against lice and keds : up to 17 weeks.
      -Against ticks : 5 – 8 weeks for the sheep and goats and 1-3 weeks for the cattle.
      -Against flies : 4 – 5 weeks .

Warning :
Animals younger than 4 weeks of age should be treated only if deemed absolutely necessary and with caution.

Withdrawal period
Nil for milk.
3 days for meat.

Avoid exposure of the containers to the sunlight and to temperatures above 40 ï C.
The shelf life of the product is 4 years.

Special safety warnings
Strictly avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wear gloves. Before eating, drinking or smoking or upon completion of application wash hands and face with water. In case of contamination wash body and clothes thoroughly with soap and water.

No antidote is available. Apply symptomatic therapy.

Caution :
The product is flammable.
Keep out of the reach of children , and apart from food and feedstuffs.

Precautions for the disposal of unused product or waste.

Effect on the environment and the ecosystem :
The drug is harmful to fish and bees.
void contamination of surface and ground water. Dispose of empty containers in proper and safe place, rinse with water and dispose after puncturing .

It is distributed only by prescription from a Vet.It is supplied in plastic vials of 500 ml ready for use with dosage graduation marks on the side of the vial. It also contains blue dye for the marking of the treated animals.

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